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Association Bodi Svetloba was oficially established in December 2017.
The main area of our work is education, especially individual help for students with learning problems in English as well as education in the field of global education and sustainable development goals.

Bodi svetloba Membership slika


Bodi svetloba NGO is a member of Slovenian NGDO platform Sloga ( and of the international network against poverty Global Call To Action Against Poverty (

Bodi svetloba Cooperation slika


We cooperate with the Sloga platform in the field of global education and  in monitoring official development assistance (ODA) of Slovenia while the main area of work are currently Erasmus+Ka2 projects with our European school, NGO and other partners.

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Last Erasmus Ka2 RIDE TPM in Munich

The last transnational project meeting of the Erasmus Ka2 RIDE project took place in Munich, Germany, on June 27 and 28. The participants reviewed the activities in the project,talked about …


Erasmus+Ka152 youth exchange in Lodz

Erasmus+Ka152 youth exchange with the title Youth Impact Against Mental Disorders In The Digital Age will take place from June 12-June 21 in Lodz in Poland. The youth exchange is …