Meeting with the MFEA of Republic of Slovenia and the annual meeting of SLOGA Platform member organizations

On Tuesday, June 4, Društvo Bodi svetloba, as a SLOGA member organization, participated in the event organized by SLOGA in B&B Hotel Park Ljubljana.

The first part consisted of the meeting with the delegation of the Directorate for Development Cooperation & Humanitarian Aid of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia (MFEA) led by Mr. Edvin Skrt, Director-General of the Directorate.

The importance of partnership cooperation between SLOGA and the Directorate of MFEA was stressed as well as suggestions by SLOGA members for upgrading the partnership in the field of awareness-raising, development and humanitarian activities of Slovenian NGOs.

The second part consisted of the annual meeting of SLOGA members where recent activities of SLOGA and future activities of SLOGA, especially those connected with the forthcoming 12th Slovenian Development Days in October 2024, were discussed.


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