Erasmus+Ka220 SCH Lifelong learning for sustainable social justice

New Erasmus+Ka220 SCH project Lifelong learning for sustainable social justice : An online lifelong learning school starting with refugees and migrants, started with our first TPM in Aydin, Turkiye, on April 29 and April 30.

The aim of the project is to ensure social justice by increasing the lifelong learning competencies of refugees and immigrants. Providing lifelong learning competencies to persons of refugee and migrant status starting with pre-schools and kindergartens with a help of pre-school teachers will contribute to more social justice.

Besides our NGO, the consortium also consists of Adnan Menderes University from Aydin, Turkiye( a coordinator), School Directorate of Aydin ( Turkiye), Debesu Kiemas, outdoor kindergarten and educational centre from Panevežys, Lithuania, and AMEYFE NGO from Malaga, Spain.


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